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Too many people have stories to tell of funerals that left them with regrets. Very often the funeral was so impersonal, it could have been for anybody. I work with family and friends to try to ensure that the funeral is a fitting tribute to the person who has died.

I meet with family and friends before the funeral to talk about the person and explore ideas for the ceremony. Before the ceremony, I send a draft of what is going to be said about the person who has died so it can be amended if needed.

Different sides of the person’s personality, values, beliefs, politics, lifestyle and preferences may have been revealed to close friends and family. We work together to reflect these so that on the day each person recognises the person they knew.

A good funeral is a team effort. I liaise with your funeral director if there is one, and others like the person responsible for playing the music so that they are able to play their part effectively.

If you think I may be able to help with a funeral you are planning or would like to discuss plans for your own funeral, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, without obligation.

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Services provided within a 20 mile Radius.

Daphne Wood

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