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During 2013 I was able to assist many bereaved families to create a beautiful, meaningful ceremony in honour of their recently departed loved one.

The loss of a loved one is always a very sad and difficult time for those who had the pleasure of sharing a life with them, and as such, to say a final goodbye is always very difficult.

Emotionally, close family members and friends are often too upset to be able to organise a fitting tribute for the deceased person, this is where compassion, empathy, understanding and patience is needed, in order to help them achieve just the right ceremony that reflects the life and time of the precious person they have lost, and to be able to honour that person in their own special way.

I have had the honour of advising and assisting many families to achieve just this in 2013 and I hope to be able to assist others during 2014.

published 15th Jan 2014, 11.24pm (about over 6 years ago)

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