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How can a Funeral Celebrant help me

The first question I am usually asked is: "What is a Celebrant?"

When a person dies and you don’t hold any beliefs or a strong religious background, or the deceased didn’t have much, if any spiritual beliefs. This could leave you feeling uncomfortable having a full religious service either in a chapel or other place of worship.

This is where I can help by assisting and conducting a civil funeral ceremony.o
Civil ceremonies are for anyone, whatever beliefs they held. There is no set format. Each ceremony is unique – as unique as the person who has died. As unique as the way they lived.

You may choose to have a semi-religious ceremony with the Celebrant but not in church. Such as a prayer or hymns added to the service. They usually take place in a crematorium or non religious burial areas. They can even be memorial services, scattering of ashes or a goodbye in a favourite place.

As a Celebrant I will visit your home, or a place of your choice to help you in the most challenging time of your life. A good Celebrant will offer advice on certain aspects of the ceremony, and maybe suggest some ideas. But the service will always be what the family want or the deceased requested. I will tailor each individual ceremony to your specific wishes.

published 23rd Jan 2019, 3.07pm (about about 1 year ago)

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