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Feedback Received

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for doing the service for D..... It was so lovely - you had her down to a tee.
Many thanks again."

"Thank you so much once again for giving your all for us."

"It was such a lovely service made extra special by your words."

"Thank you very much for today Jill you did her proud. I can see why you like the song The Moon my Heart it is beautiful. Thank you again best wishes J xx"

Just a quick note from us all to say many thanks for conducting Mum’s funeral yesterday and the way you managed the service so smoothly.
We were very pleased with all the elements of the service, and I think you covered Mum’s life in a way that she would be pleased with. R.

Today was nicer, easier, and made more special because of you . It was a beautiful service . You took the time to understand us and exactly what we needed from the service and how we needed to say goodbye to Mum.
She would have loved it! She'd be gutted about missing out on the chatter , but she really would have loved it.
Thank you for helping us with Dad; sometimes someone's mental health is just as vital as their physical health.
You're a very special lady to deliver such personal services and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart .
From all of us - thanks
Kind regards and with gratitude
F x x

published 26th Jun 2024, 11.09pm (about 28 days ago)

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