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Introducing John R Finch

I am writing to let you know that I offer my services as an alternative (independent) funeral celebrant. From time to time, you will no doubt have clients who may not, for whatever reason, feel comfortable with a church service, yet would like a celebration that is “spiritual” but not “religious”; or simply one that will help them in saying goodbye and in celebrating the life of their departed loved one. As an independent celebrant I offer an alternative celebration that is tailored to people’s needs.

May I take this opportunity briefly to explain my approach. I feel drawn to this work by a strong realisation that every life has meaning and deserves to be celebrated and celebrated well. I am convinced that funerals can be a valuable source of healing. Nothing can take away the grief, but a genuine, well prepared tribute may ease the pain.
I will meet with bereaved families, help them put together a personal ceremony, including a eulogy and act as the celebrant to lead a Service for their departed loved one. I am motivated by a strong desire to help families give the person who has died a good send-off, one that honours, gives thanks for, and, even, celebrates a life.
I listen to families' wishes and provide a distinctive personalised funeral, whether spiritual, multi-faith, new-age, agnostic, or simply one that is non-religious. I gently encourage participation by family and friends if they wish and take an imaginative approach to creating a personal ceremony which is full of meaning.
As an independent celebrant I am available for services at crematoriums, gravesides, funeral parlours or alternative venues. I do hope that you will feel free to pass on my phone number to any one interested in my services.

published 22nd Aug 2011, 4.08pm (about over 8 years ago)

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