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About Me

I believe I can offer quality of care and compassion and excellent service to each customer that is tailored to individual needs.

I am a mature, reliable and self-confident person with many years experience in dealing with grief and bereavement. I am self-motivated; possess excellent communication skills and the ability to act as a personable, compassionate representative of your Company. I feel drawn to this work by a desire to be of service to others at a time of loss, and a strong realisation that every person’s life has meaning and deserves to be celebrated well. As an Arranger, I would seek to support grieving families in the making of important choices they otherwise might not have known were even available. I am happy working alone or as part of a team.

The skills and characteristics I possess include compassion, empathy, sensitivity and tact; the ability to work on a schedule that is not predefined. I am very comfortable in working one on one with people who lost a loved one. Also, I am able to put my own emotions aside in order to support the relatives and friends of the deceased person. I am professional at all times and able to support people. I am experienced in looking after families at a time when they are looking for guidance. I find myself able to reassure them as well as help them to plan the funeral. I seek to be flexible and open in how I offer support. I can remain calm and maintain composure under stressful circumstances. I am generally used to working with clients who are emotionally vulnerable, and understand how people deal with grief.

As a former priest who has celebrated many funerals, not only do I have much experience of death and dying, but also in visiting bereaved families at a time when they need care and support. I am equally at ease with families with no church connections. I have a good understanding of different religions and a deep respect for people who do not subscribe to any religion but have their own beliefs and values

published 22nd Aug 2011, 4.18pm (about over 8 years ago)

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